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Make WordPress more accessible

We want to make WordPress easier, helping to take full advantage of it, by teaching, helping & certifying true professionals.

How it happened

A few of us were working in agencies, top-of-the-game managed hosting companies, even WordPress, and we saw that too many users weren’t taking full advantage of WordPress’ performance and security potential.

We thought that this, shouldn’t be limited to world-class developers. Every admin should be able to achieve WordPress excellence.

After consulting & teaching individually, we came together and decided to create a real-world, no nonsense, unsponsored training platform.

To help professionals stand-out from unprofessionals, and prove their competence, the certification program was born.

We don’t offer a wide variety of training materials, but the ones we do offer, are top-notch, up-to-date and actually useful.


How It Works

We do things differently.

To the point

No nonsense training created by working professionals.

Well researched

Up-to-date, best-practice approach only. It’s not a for-profit only product.


Practical exercises combined with theory, including a community.

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